We have been working tirelessly to have an online entry available for this year.  The website listed below will take you to the login page.  If you have not logged in to assist expo before you will need to create an account. It’s simple and fast, just a couple of steps. Once you get past the login page, you can find the rules and regulations on the link that says “View the Instructions for Beefarama 2018”.  We have a really fast turnaround time the year and have set the closing deadline for May 31st so timing is important.

Here are a couple of housekeeping items before you start.

  1. Have your animals registration number available, that way the system will pull up all of the animal information for you.
  2. Have your insurance information available because you must enter that to complete the entry.
  3. Have the CCIA number of your animal available as you must enter that to complete the entry.


Good luck and we will see you at Beefarama in Peterborough.