Peterborough MOE Show

The 2nd MOE show of the season, will be held on Thursday, August 9, 2018 at the Peterborough Exhibition. The ECOHZ is very pleased to host this MOE show.  The deadline to register is also quickly approaching, Monday, August 6, 2018.  Pre-registration is required, as this beef show is very popular and well attended.  To register, visit the Peterborough Exhibition site:

Reminders for participants, there are a few MOE show rules that we must follow:

  • Stall Cards must be displayed for all animals, with EPDs, if available.  The show committee is asking for these to be hung by 9AM
  • All animals must be tattooed and the tattoos must be legible. All tattoos will be checked, and it makes our job much easier if the ears are clean
  • Red shirts must be worn in the ring, no exceptions.  A limited number of extra red shirts are available if yours happens to left behind.

Please contact Karen Paszternak, for more information.

OHA News Magazine – Summer Issue

Have you sent in your ad for the upcoming Summer issue of the Ontario Hereford News?  The deadline is quickly approaching, July 23rd, to have your ad in. Please send your ad to Erin Hobbs at, and cc your zone OHA director.  Erin is very excited to be taking on this issue, so don’t hesitate to contact her about any questions regarding your ad.  Also, we have lowered the prices of placing an ad.  For a full page the cost is $500, 1/2 page is $300, 1/4 page is $200 and a business card size ad is $96.  Our goal is to have this magazine in your mailbox by the end of August, therefore our deadline of July 23rd cannot be moved.

Happening this Saturday – Ontario West Zone Private Treaty Sale

Ontario West Hereford Zone Private Treaty Sale
What: The Ontario West Hereford Zone is hosting a Private Treaty Sale in conjunction with the Ontario
West Hereford Zone MOE Off Halter Show to provide Hereford breeders with a venue to sell and buy
Hereford genetics. This sale is open to Purebred Hereford Females and Hereford Influence females. NO bulls
When: August 4, 2018
Where: Maple Hill Auctions 1100 Bruce Road 4 Hanover, Ontario N4N 3B9
Cattle to arrive by 10:00 A M on sale day unless previous arrangements have been made

Private treaty Sale Rules
Consignors bring your reserve bid for each entry in a sealed envelope signed with your name on the
envelope to maple Hill Auctions on August 4th. All reserve bids will be placed in a locked box until sale time.
If possible, bring a clip board with you to fasten onto the consignment pens so bidders can write their bids
on paper. Zone directors will provide pens and paper for this process. Sale consignments will be supervised
throughout the day but the sellers need be available on site to answer questions prospective buyers may
have. At the conclusion of the MOE Off Halter Show, the reserve bids for each lot will be revealed and the
successful buyers will be announced.
Upon the sale of the consignments, no cattle deliveries should be made to the buyer until the cheques have
cleared the bank, unless prior arrangements have been made between the seller and the buyer. The Ontario
West Hereford Zone is not a bonded organization. This sale is by Private Treaty between seller and buyer.
Canadian Hereford Association rules apply to all registered animals entered in this sale. The seller is
responsible for transferring the pedigrees of purebred Herefords to the new owner within 6 months of the
sale date of August 4th, 2018 All consignments require CCIA tags in their ears. Purebred breeders be sure to
check that each consignment’s ear tattoos match the tattoos on their pedigree.
There is a non refundable entry fee of $50.00 per lot. All Entries are to be postmarked by June 30, 2018
A cow/calf pair is one lot. All other animals consigned will be considered as a single lot.
A photocopy of a Purebred Female is the entry form for Purebred females plus footnotes. For commercial
consignments, please include the cattle’s age, CCIA tag number and other necessary information ie. selling
bred or open and footnotes if you wish. The information sent in with entry fees will be available sale day.
If a Hereford breeder has a bull for sale, bring the pedigree and other information about the bull on sale
day, August 4th, and we will post it for all to see free of charge.

Make cheques payable to The Ontario West Hereford Zone
Send pedigrees, cheques and other pertinent information to
Mary Lynn Bray 1544 Bruce Road 4, R.R.#2 Box 26 Walkerton, Ontario N0G 2V0

Ontario West Zone Off Halter Show

Ontario West Hereford Zone
MOE Off Halter Show & Private Treaty Sale
When: Saturday, August 4 2018 SHOW STARTS at 11:00 A. M.
Where: Maple Hill Auctions 1100 Bruce Road 4 Hanover Ontario N4N 3B9
Cattle are to arrive by 9:00 A M on show day unless previous arrangements have been made

MOE Off Halter Show Classes:
1. 2018 Heifer Calf (must be minimum 3 months of age on show date)
2. Yearling Heifers
3. Cow/calf pair
4. 2018 Bull Calf (must be minimum 3 months of age on show date)

Classes will be split depending on the number of entries

NO wash facilities NO hydro available at the show NO clipping, or aerosols

New for this Year’s Show:
NO generators to be used on the show cattle on show day Dry brush only
NO cattle exhibitors will be allowed in the ring during the show
NO pending pedigrees or cattle with missing tattoos will be allowed into the show

Lunch available from the Paisley 4-H Beef Club. Bring lawn chairs
Entry Fees
$15.00 per entry due June 30 2018 A photocopy of pedigree is the entry form.
Make cheques payable to Ontario West Hereford Zone
Send pedigrees and cheques to
Mary Lynn Bray 1544 Bruce Road 4, R.R.#2 Box 26 Walkerton, Ontario N0G 2V0

Exciting News for OJHA Members attending Beefarama 2018

We have been working tirelessly to have an online entry available for this year.  The website listed below will take you to the login page.  If you have not logged in to assist expo before you will need to create an account. It’s simple and fast, just a couple of steps. Once you get past the login page, you can find the rules and regulations on the link that says “View the Instructions for Beefarama 2018”.  We have a really fast turnaround time the year and have set the closing deadline for May 31st so timing is important.

Here are a couple of housekeeping items before you start.

  1. Have your animals registration number available, that way the system will pull up all of the animal information for you.
  2. Have your insurance information available because you must enter that to complete the entry.
  3. Have the CCIA number of your animal available as you must enter that to complete the entry.

Good luck and we will see you at Beefarama in Peterborough.

Attention OJHA Juniors, Regarding Beefarama 2018

Beefarama 2018 will be held in Peterborough Ontario on July 6,7,8.

You have not missed the entry deadline as we are excited to announce that we are converting to online registration through Assist Expo for this years Beefarama.

So keep an eye out here, on our Facebook page or our twitter page for registration information as the system becomes live.