Announcement – Secretary/Manager Position

The OHA Board of Directors are pleased to advise everyone that we have hired Glenna Stephenson as our new Secretary Manager. The hiring committee feels comfortable and confident that she can fit this position. Glenna is very excited and enthused, and will be coming to the Royal Thursday as well as Saturday to get an introduction to the OHA and to meet as many people as she can.
Looking forward to a great Royal!

DreamTeam entry #7

This is it, the final entry to our Dream Team.  Only a few days left for you to make a decision of which one you would choose if you are fortunate enough to have your name selected.

Lucky lady #7, comes to us from CharSha Farm.

Charsha Flora has been a great addition to our show string this year. She is s powerful female but still is feminine, long and smooth throughout. This is the type of heifer we want to keep on our farm, but we wanted to give someone the opportunity to have this amazing animal.

DreamTeam entry #6

Just over a week away from the OHA DreamTeam selection!  Have you checked out all of the entries so far?  There are still two more to consider…here is bull calf, perhaps your future herd sire, entered by Concordia Herefords

We at Concordia Herefords are very excited to be a part of the Dream Team Event for the first time.   Concordia 128B Diego 7F is a future herd sire in the making. He is out of A-Lynn Bring It Home 128B, our senior herd sire.  Diego’s  dam Fox 804 Daisy 1A is one of our foundation females, sired by Cash Advance. She has never failed us, consistently producing and raising beautiful calves,  and has an almost flawless udder. Both Diego’s sire and dam are now eligible for nomination to receive Gold Awards through the Canadian Hereford Association. Diego is long spined, deep ribbed, and has an incredible stride. He has enjoyed a very successful first season in the show ring…take Diego home and see what he can do for you both in the pasture and in the show pen!

DreamTeam Entry #5

Here is our 2nd bull calf for you to choose from, coming to you from GRO-JDL

GRO-JDL  Firefox 322 115F is an extremely attractive, long sided, clean fronted calf. 115F is super sound on the move and clean in his lines. Firefox 115F is a fault free herd sire prospect that is backed by some of the breeds most popular and influential bulls. The dam of 115F is a past Eastern Canadian National Champion Female at the 2014 RAWF. Firefox is a calf that we think quite highly of and has a bright future ahead of him.


DreamTeam Entry #4

Only a few days left before all of the DreamTeam entries will be arriving in Toronto for the Royal, and that will be your chance to see them up close.  Here is the entry from Elm-Lodge, Owen Elmhirst

Well balanced, ultra complete, good looking one here out of NJW herdbull. Just a March baby she has a great future with the likes of About Time, Ribeye 88X and the legendary Lady Sport 78P from Wards anchoring her genetic profile. Bred and owned by Owen Elmhirst.