Peterborough MOE Show

The 2nd MOE show of the season, will be held on Thursday, August 9, 2018 at the Peterborough Exhibition. The ECOHZ is very pleased to host this MOE show.  The deadline to register is also quickly approaching, Monday, August 6, 2018.  Pre-registration is required, as this beef show is very popular and well attended.  To register, visit the Peterborough Exhibition site:

Reminders for participants, there are a few MOE show rules that we must follow:

  • Stall Cards must be displayed for all animals, with EPDs, if available.  The show committee is asking for these to be hung by 9AM
  • All animals must be tattooed and the tattoos must be legible. All tattoos will be checked, and it makes our job much easier if the ears are clean
  • Red shirts must be worn in the ring, no exceptions.  A limited number of extra red shirts are available if yours happens to left behind.

Please contact Karen Paszternak, for more information.

OHA News Magazine – Summer Issue

Have you sent in your ad for the upcoming Summer issue of the Ontario Hereford News?  The deadline is quickly approaching, July 23rd, to have your ad in. Please send your ad to Erin Hobbs at, and cc your zone OHA director.  Erin is very excited to be taking on this issue, so don’t hesitate to contact her about any questions regarding your ad.  Also, we have lowered the prices of placing an ad.  For a full page the cost is $500, 1/2 page is $300, 1/4 page is $200 and a business card size ad is $96.  Our goal is to have this magazine in your mailbox by the end of August, therefore our deadline of July 23rd cannot be moved.