Ottawa Valley Winter Update


Here in the Ottawa Valley we have been living an old fashion winter. Early January signaled a new calving season, also brought with it -30 temperatures. It was a challenge to keep water flowing and animals comfortable.

The club was well represented at the Royal, I would like to congratulate all the exhibitors for showcasing the Hereford breed. The quality of the animals continue to impress and this will make for a bright future as we move ahead for the Hereford breed.

The club finished up the year with our banquet. It was held at the Amberwood Golf Course, Stittsville, Ont. The night had great food, a lot of socializing and we even learned things. As part of the evening we had James Byrne a Beef cattle specialist from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs talk to us on changes to the animal health and welfare regulations and traceability. Dave Cavanaugh brought greetings from the Ontario board and updated us on the happenings of the board.

As the New Year starts we had some changes to our board, I would like to thank Jay Bradley for his years of service to the Ottawa Valley club and welcome Bill Sluiman to our board, and we look forward to working with Bill.

The club will be represented on the Ontario board, by Laura Naismith and Ivor Thurston. I thank them for making the commitment to sit on the board!

The clubs next event will be the Ottawa Valley Farm Show in March.  The Farm Show is a great place to promote the Hereford breed to farmers and non-agriculture people.

I hope everybody has a great calving season and I look forward to seeing you all out at Beef-a Rama and other Hereford events!

Don Hess

OVHC President

OJHA Winter Update

As we enter 2018, the OJHA invites all juniors to become involved with your Junior  Hereford association.  The OJHA is the provincial body of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association which is a youth organization managed by Juniors.  In fact the CJHA is Canada’s largest junior breed association and the envy of the other breeds.  For more than 35 years Canadian Junior Hereford members have organized their national show “Bonanza” which is held in a different province each summer.  This year it will be held close to us in Ste. Hyacinthe , Quebec , so be sure to mark your calendars for July 17-21 ! In addition, the National Council of the CJHA oversees the activities of the organization from fundraising to promotion and international exchanges.  Each province has an adult advisor and the CJHA adult advisor is Libby Laycraft. National Council is made up of two elected delegates from each province with the Maritime provinces combined as one region.  National Council will meet in Calgary March 2-4 with Adam Smith and Spencer Dunsmore as Ontario delegates.   If you have any questions or concerns about the Junior Association feel free to contact them or myself. 

The OJHA And CJHA offer many opportunities for Hereford youth to develop animal and showmanship skills, public speaking and leadership skills but most importantly they connect you with other young Hereford enthusiasts.  Juniors can have fun participating in local and national events and make lasting friendships. The knowledge and skills learned will also help you as you pursue your education and careers.  To be a member of the CJHA juniors pay a onetime membership fee of $15. This membership expires December 31st following the junior’s 22nd birthday.  To participate in activities, the member then pays an activity fee each year.  The fee for 2018 is $25.  

At the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in November the junior members competed in Showmanship classes in the different age categories. ( Some of the classes were split into heats. ) The final results were as follows : 


1 Hannah Cameron

2 Ethan Passow


1 Maggi Murray 

2 Abby Murray 

3 Emikah Taylor 

4 Rachel Hayes

5 Caleb Sherry

6 Gabrielle Kott 


1 Austina  Bellamy 

2 Madison Ethier

3 Katie Elmhirst

4 Alexandra Stone 

5 Morgan Walker 


1 Brittany Sherry 

2 Kayla Boot 

3 Andrew Dunsmore 

4 Victoria Austin 

5 Alyssa Snoddon 

Grand Champion Showperson 

Austina Bellamy 

Reserve Grand Champion Showperson 

Maggi Murray 

Congratulations to all who participated!  

The Annual General Meeting of the OJHA will take place in Peterborough on Saturday , April 7th in conjunction with the OHA AGM.  Be sure to register for this weekend. It is your opportunity to become involved as a director or a member of the Association. 

The juniors have started planning Beef-A-Rama 2018 for the weekend of July 6-8th in Peterborough ON.  Watch for more details and entry forms  as they become available. 

Be sure to like and follow the OJHA page on Facebook!  

Rainy River Winter Update

Rainy River Hereford Association – Winter Update!

Well, winter has been giving us reason to dig out the wool underwear.  The cold temperatures came early and though the weather man often suggests; “just one more week” it seems to continue on.  An odd warm day sneaks in but they don’t last nearly as long.  We had quite a stretch of -40’s with wind chills and we would hope that is behind us.  The sun has some real strength in it now and our days are growing longer every day.

Some of us are busy calving, some preparing and others still have a couple of months before they start that task.  I have to admit that every year as I trek to the barn every few hours in these less than pleasant temperatures I do wonder if I am doing the smart thing or just killing myself. Like I tell one of my good friends every year (who doesn’t start to calve until mid-April) – “it’s not only about the weights in the fall, the getting up in the night – it’s about planting plots at my off-farm job, its time of year for vaccinating and perhaps not being able to make the markets I have been currently using.  I do know one thing, I don’t feel that I have the feed to keep calves over through the winter.  So bottom line, though I am tired, I think calving times are just personal preference.  And I promise I won’t argue that winter is the best time of the year to calve, it just works for me currently.

Aaron Bujold did our breed proud last fall by displaying the Reserve Champion 4-H Steer. It is a mixed breed competition and his Hereford Steer did extremely well both in the ring and on the rail.  Aaron used some of his winnings and went out and purchased a beautiful breed heifer from RSK Farms in Brandon.   Aaron’s heifer blessed him with a bouncing bull calf on one of our -40 mornings but all is well and he is excited about his new bull!  It is so exciting to see our young members investing back into animals and building their own herd. 

In early April our District will gather for an “Ag Day”. The focus this year is; Clean Land, Air & Water.  It is a chance for us to get together, hear some great speakers and set us up for a successful 2018.  We are troubled here with the task of not knowing what to do with our bale wrap & plastic twine.  We are hoping that we can partner up with some of our boat dealerships since they as well struggle on what to do to dispose of their material.

Our Spring Cattle Sale at the Stratton Sales Barn is set for April 28th with the sale beginning at 8:30 a.m.  With any luck we will all be on the land about the same time as this!  The crop acres continue to grow in Rainy River District and our largest grain farm has plans to put in 6000 acres this year!

 We wish everyone a great calving season and plenty of green grass for 2018!

OWHZ Winter Update

Greetings everyone,

 My name is Sue Passow, and I am the incoming president of the Ontario West Zone.  I am looking forward to meeting as many members as possible in the upcoming months.  Our zone is quite large, and the membership is very spread out, which makes it hard to connect with everyone.  Several years ago, while desperately searching the aisles of the London Agriplex for a spot to tie at the Junior Beef Expo,  I was befriended by a wonderful woman named Marcelle Bellamy.  She invited us to tie in her aisle with fellow Hereford breeders, offered our family all kinds of help, and invited us to come out to zone events.  I am involved with the West Zone today because of Marcelle and her drive to get new people involved, and I would like to be able to continue encouraging new and existing members to participate more actively.

The West Zone hosted its first Off Halter MOE show in July 2017, and it was a great success!  Our zone was very well represented at both the Barrie and Orangeville Fairs this past fall, all building up to the highlight of the season…the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!  Multiple banners came home to our zone at the Royal, but nothing could top JDL Janice 11X 119C winning the Masterfeeds Supreme Beef Champion Female.  Janice is proudly owned by Jessica, Justin and Joshua Lasby.  We are so proud of these West Zone members for such an amazing accomplishment!

We have plans for another off halter show combined with a private treaty sale…watch for upcoming details on this event.  If anybody has any suggestions for future events, or questions, please feel free to contact me, our secretary Mary Lynn Bray, or one of our directors via phone or e-mail.  I look forward to meeting and working with you at upcoming events.  Good luck to everyone with the rest of calving season, and let’s hope that the pesky groundhog was wrong about 6 more weeks of winter!

Best regards,

Sue Passow

Ontario Hereford West Zone   


ECOHZ Winter Update

Greetings from the ECOHZ! . Another year is underway and many purebred breeders have the majority of their calf crop on the ground.  For the commercial breeders, calving will be starting shortly. New calves always bring some excitement and anticipation as we look forward to how they will perform.  We spend more hours  in the barn for sure,  and hope that  those hours and the night time visits to the calving pens will result in a successful calf crop.   Whether a seed stock producer or a commercial cattleman, these calves are our investment and we hope each year will be better than the one before.  

 The ECOHZ elected our  2018 Board of Directors in November :

President                  Lois Batty 

Vice -President        Karen Paszternak

Executive Director   Marcie Reavie 

Directors                   Brenda Bell

                                   Pat Hobbs 

                                   Megan Jones

                                   Dan Porter 

                                   Leon Silk 

The Directors and Secretary Fran Cavanagh have been preparing for our 2018 events.  

We will have an information booth at the East Central Farm Show March 7th and 8th at Lindsay Fairgrounds.  Please drop by for a visit! 

  One of the highlights of our Zone’s events is the Whiteface Classic Sale.  This offering of Hereford and Hereford Influence cattle wil be held on  Saturday May 12th at the Lindsay Faurgrounds.  Please check our ad in this Hereford News for details and the names of our sale committee. We are taking consignments till March 10th so that our catalogue will be available for distribution at the AGM in Peterborough.  Please know that we welcome animals from any Hereford producer in Ontario and we invite you to contact any of the committee to consign. 

  Our Zone is again hosting two MOE shows in 2018, at Peterborough , August 9th and Lindsay on September 20th.  The Zone Banner Show will be at Stirling Fair on August 12th 

Roseneath Fair will be the location of our Futurity Show September 30th.  Whether you are an exhibitor or spectator these shows provide the opportunity to view cattle, network with other breeders and just visit with fellow Hereford enthusiasts.  Marcie Reavie and Brenda Bell are the adult advisors for the ECOHZ Juniors. We encourage any of you,  and especially new breeders ,  to contact any of us if you need any information about getting involved in your zone activities (Juniors or adults).  

Although the  ground hogs predicted a long winter, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way!  I wish you all success with your 2018 calves and  enthusiasm as you make breeding decisions for next year.  Let’s all celebrate Herefords in 2018 !