Ron and Nadine Wells, Commercial Breeder of the Year Award

The OHA 2016 Ron and Nadine Wells, Commercial Breeder of the Year Award, will be presented this year to Stuart Lackey of Beef Stu Farms.  Stuart currently farms 130 head of commercial cows with over 70% being Hereford Influence.  You are invited to attend the award presentation, learn a little bit about Stuart and his operation and welcome him to the Hereford Team as he accepts this prestigious award. The awards presentation will take place at Spring Valley Farms, Lois James and Family, Carlton Place, ON, Thursday September 8th 2016 at 9:00 AM
Note:  Spring Valley Farms is one of the scheduled stops on the Beef Farmers of Ontario, Cow Calf Roadshow this year.  The award will be presented to Stuart during the scheduled stop.

Ottawa Valley Hereford Association

Ottawa Valley Hereford Club

Those 2016 Hereford calves get bigger every day!  We have some options this year when selling our stockers.  Foster’s Custom Farming at North Gower are expanding.  They have a feedlot that feeds 1400 head and are building a new barn to feed 2500 – 3000 head.  The new barn should be ready to receive our steers and heifers by mid –Sept.  They are located across the road from their grain elevator, North Gower Grains.  They want our stockers to be a minimum of 600 – 700 lbs when they arrive.  Phone owner Dwight Foster 613-880-7456 or feedlot manager Perry Meeks to tell them when you are coming with your load of stockers.  The load of stockers is weighed with your load full, then after you have unloaded your stockers.  They hand you a cheque for your stockers at the current rate without any commission taken off.  Foster’s Custom Farming like those Hereford and Hereford influence cattle.  Perry says “You can see them gain weight every day”.  He remarks how the Herefords are quiet and easy to handle, yet assertive enough to get to the bunk to feed.  Foster’s Custom Farming send a load of finished cattle to slaughter every week.  In order to do that, they are happy to receive our stockers year round.  They receive the carcass grading data on the finished steers and heifers a week after the animals went to the processing plant.   There is the possibility for us to capture that grading info to get feedback on our breeding program.  Beef Farmers of Ontario’s 9th Annual Cow-Calf Roadshow will be visiting this feedlot on Sept 7 as well as some Hereford breeders in Lanark and Ottawa area.  Hop on the bus and check it out for yourself.  Register at  and go to Calendar of Events